Infinite Scroll for Media Library

WordPress Plugin By Optim TechStudio


Plugin Description

Enable infinite scroll in WordPress Media Library. Current Load More button will be replaced with the infinite scroll which can be toggled in admin settings also.


Why Choose WordPress?

Let us give you strong belief

WordPress is the highly customizable and extensive CMS platform. WordPress has really huge community to get help with. It is so easy to use and available for FREE. Yes, it comes with no extra cost. You can follow some steps to install and everything will be automated just for you.

WordPress has the library of Plugin and Themes which will give you tons of options to choose from.
WordPress now has the Gutenberg Editor as well. which is super powerful to help you with making websites on your own if you learn it properly. If you do not want to use Gutenberg, Classic Editor is there if you like or you can choose any Page Builders available to build your website.

Isn’t it super cool?

P.S.: This website is also built on WordPress.

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